What is Himalayan Balsam?

Himalayan Balsam is an annual herb, native to the Himalayan region of Asia. This plant has covered much of Britain spreading particularly rapidly along riverbanks. The attractive flowers appear in July with seeds that start to scatter by October not only around the plant, but also onto water.

Why is Himalayan Balsam a problem?

Every year new plants grow from seed, but they soon reach and often exceed head height. One plant can produce up to 800 seeds, which are viable for around 18 months. Seeds can even germinate underwater. Once established, Himalayan Balsam competes effectively against native plants, suffocating vegetation.

How can we help?

Invasive Weed Solutions first survey the site to identify and document the extent of infestation. A number of alternative approaches are then recommended for control, each recommendation being site specific taking into account location, level of infestation, extent of control required and the environmental impact of the control method.

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